Benefits of offering internships

In today's episode, Mattias talks about internships and how it can be beneficial both for the intern and the company.

Offering internships

iGoMoon has worked with interns since the very beginning. Already back then, people reached out to them and asked if they could do an internship at Mattias' company. Nowadays, people often apply for an internship because they came across "Månresan," iGoMoon's employee branding vlog, or because their schools recommend internships at iGoMoon.

For the company, internships are a great way to meet new and hungry talents who might even become future employees. But also the current employees can for sure benefit from some new perspectives and learn from people who sometimes come from entirely different career backgrounds.

Standing out in a overheated job market

Another significant aspect of offering internships is that you can show that your company is a great place to work at. Especially during the last couple of years, the competition has been high with the job market increasingly overheating. You need to win new talents over by offering them a great workplace and standing out from the crowd.

This is also one of the reasons why Mattias always makes sure to focus on taking in interns who have a serious intention of staying at the company afterward and are usually at the end of their education.

Long-time commitment

Like that, an internship is also a great opportunity for both sides to try out a possible longer commitment. Even though Mattias and his team are very good at setting up different tasks and tests during the recruitment process, nothing beats real-life experiences throughout the duration of an internship.

Since iGoMoon is still a relatively small company, people who want to become interns need to like an entrepreneurial environment. They also need a lot of self-leadership and courage since, from day one, they are treated as an employee and get real-life tasks to work on. If this is the case, it will be a fruitful experience for both sides.

An internship can be a great experience for both sides.

Do you offer internships at your company?

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