Giving people a chance to understand before setting expectations

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the power of a whiteboard and why teaching your team business acumen is so essential.

Highlights of the week

The highlight of this week was the first of four business acumen workshops that Tommy Roos held for everyone in the iGoMoon team. Mattias makes it a priority to ensure everyone develops business acumen because he wants to show that every individual employee is so important when building the company.

Everyone should understand their significance and learn about financial basics and how that connects to business acumen. Once that step is taken, the whole team benefits internally and helps the company develop, and everyone will also be able to do an even better job when working together with customers.

What could I have done differently?

In this regard, Mattias wants to talk about something he could have done differently and especially a lot earlier: You can't expect anything from anyone if you haven't given them the chance to understand.

He elaborates by explaining that there have been several occasions when he got frustrated in his entrepreneurial career because someone didn't understand business acumen. Instead of being frustrated, he should have tried to engage everyone even earlier.

For people to be engaged in the business, you must have the right people who are willing to learn and be part of the company's journey. Secondly, you need to make sure that they are given all the necessary tools to develop their business sense and understand the big picture.

What did I learn?

Watching Tommy presenting his workshop exclusively by using a whiteboard, Mattias got inspired to use this technique for his own presentations in the future. As handy as digital presentations are, you often find yourself disconnected from your listeners or getting caught up in technical problems.

The victories

The whole iGoMoon team had a fun game night together on Wednesday. The fun started with a tricky game involving spaghetti and marshmallows at the office and continued at a place in Stockholm, with the aim to score as high as possible, boxing a punch machine.

 You can't expect anything from anyone if you haven't given them the chance to understand.

What is your take on setting expectations?

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