Maintaining teamwork and contact remotely

The Covid numbers are rising again, and so is the number of people working from home at iGoMoon. Not being able to catch up with everyone in person, Mattias was looking for a way to reconnect with everyone face to face.

Staying engaged

He decided to jump on random standup calls and join the different meetings for a bit. That allowed him to see how everyone was doing and support his team leaders. The latter is especially important since Mattias and his team have been working hard on their leadership lately. He felt that many of his team leaders needed to be reminded to be kind to themselves, so he made sure to deliver a message: "Focus on the progress we are making in the process, not so much on perfection."

Other than catching up with everyone, Mattias worked closely together with Mathilda during her onboarding that continued this week.

Kicking off sales for the year

Mattias also had a sales kickoff with his sales team, where he learned a lot from his colleagues Henrik and Dennis. The purpose of that sales kickoff was to look at the current sales process that they have updated before the Christmas break. They went through every step of the process and role played it. While doing so, they discussed the things that might be a challenge, the things that could be improved, and the things that actually work very well.

Remember to document

Mattias also points out the importance of documenting things for that matter. To be able to work in a structured way, you also need to be able to catch up with everyone easily. It should be clear for everyone what has been decided on.

The kudos of the week definitely go out to the new HR person Mathilda, who did a great job taking the initiative to get herself up and running both in her HR role and also when it comes to talent acquisition.

Always put in the extra effort to connect with your team. Some encouraging words can go a long way.

How do you maintain good teamwork remotely?

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