This blog is where all my learnings in the entrepreneurial process are documented under four main topics; People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.


HR work takes time

In today's Friday episode Mattias talks about the things that were most important for him during this week. One of those topics is the importance of HR work and how he has underestimated...


The iGoMoon awards

The main topic of today's episode is the annual iGoMoon summer party including the iGoMoon awards. After watching Sweden winning the soccer match that Friday afternoon, the winners of the...


How to deal with fear

When Mattias is asked what his biggest fear is, his answer is: death. He shares that he has been thinking about death a lot, especially since a once very close childhood friend passed away...


Coaching others

Mattias is discussing his take on coaching in today's episode. Aside from coaching himself, Mattias also works together with some of his colleagues and managers at iGoMoon. When it comes to...


The weekly recap

It's Friday, which means it is time for the weekly recap! In today's episode, Mattias shares his experiences of last week and introduces a very important topic for all entrepreneurs who are...


Looking back at 2020

In this second episode of "Mattias' Scaling Up Journey" he talks about how he experienced 2020 as an entrepreneur and in what ways the year affected his business. He shares his highlights...

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